Rancho Cucamonga, CA. (PRWEB) March 25, 2004 - announced that all of its Artemisin websites went online today. SimpleCure.Com intends to dispense latest research information and news regarding Artemisin and cancer research.

SimpleCure.Com is the owner of five Artemisin related names; Artemisin.Org, Artemisin.Net, Artemisin.Com, Artemisinin.Net, and Artemisinin.Org. While certain aspects of the websites are still under construction, the websites have started to provide general information regarding Artemisin's background, current research, latest news, and availability of Artemisin products.

Artemisin (Artemisinin) or Qinghaosu (pronounced: Ching-hao-su) is an extract from the plant Artemisia annua, also known as sweet wormwood or Qinghao (pronounced: Ching-hao). The Chinese has used the herb wormwood for thousands of years in various remedies. One of its uses in treating malaria was lost until it was rediscovered in an archeological dig in the early 1970's. According to the latest research, Artemisin destroys high iron concentrated cells such as parasitic organism malaria and cancer cells, while posing little or no danger to the normal cells.

Artemisin gained acclaim when two bio-engineers at University of Washington announced their findings of a research into Artemisinís ability of selectively killing cancer cells while posing little or no danger to normal cells.

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